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These are the Good Old Days
Across the U.S., we have more red fox, raccoon, possum, groundhog, and Gray fox than we have had at any time in the last 100 years, and the numbers keep going up. The world of working terriers is better too. No generation has ever had more spare time or better dogs more easily obtained. No generation has ever had easier access to farms brimming over with suitable working terrier quarry.
To read more

Shovels, Spoons and "Berthas"
When it comes to serious digging, not all shovels are created equal, and not just any shovel will do. Find out what to look for in a shovel and why a relatively easy-to-make "Bertha" or "spoon" can bring real peace of mind during a difficult dig in frozen ground, hard sand, shale or clay. Directions on making a spoon are given. >> To read more

How to Use a Deben Box
A Deben box is a radio receiver set to a special frequency, while a Deben collar is a small and very weak transmitter set to send a signal at that frequency. Simple triangulation, a dexterous finger, a little practice, and a touch of voodoo are all that is required to locate your dog underground, provided you avoid two bad locations. >> To read more

Size Matters
If your dog cannot get down an old groundhog burrow, it's too large to work a fox-dug earth. As Barry Jones writes: "I have not encountered a fox which could not be spanned at 14 inches circumference - this within a weight range of 10lbs to 24lbs ..." >> To read more

Antibiotics for Less
Your dog will eventually need antibiotics. Most major pet catalogues sell them without prescription, but you have to know what to buy, how to dose, and you must follow three simple rules. >> To read more

Mistakes and Regrets
If you dig, you will make mistakes. If you are smart, you will learn from them. This list of 20 common problems is a litany of what to avoid, a caution about what to remember, and an etiquette guide for the new digger. >> To read more

Health Care in the Field
Since you are the human with the credit card, the cell phone, and the keys to the truck, you are in charge when it comes to emergencies in the field. These emergencies may range from poisoning to traps, from suffocation to laceration. Whatever the problem, the thing that will matter most in the end is preparation beforehand and quick level-headed action afterward.
>> To read more

Digging a Hole
Digging a hole is not quite as self-evident as it appears. Most groundhog, possum and raccoon are found about 3 feet down. Holes deeper than 3 feet require much larger excavations. >>
To read more

Go-to-Ground and the Rabbit
While a 14- or 15-inch tall terrier can negotiate an 81-square inch go-to-ground tunnel with ease, this same dog will find it difficult to negotiate a natural earth which may have an interior space of less than 35-square inches – just enough room to allow a fox to slip through with ease.  Where then did these enormous go-to-ground tunnels come from? >>
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Microchips, Tattoos & Tags
When out hunting dangle tags cannot be worn. Microchips, slide tags and tattoos are the answer. >>
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A Pictorial History of Terriers
This pictorial history of terriers puts the dog within the economic, social and political framework that has shaped man, dog, and land alike. A history with clickable source readings. >> To read more

From Rosettes to Ruin
Irish Setters, once famed at finding birds, are now so brain-befogged they can no longer find the front door. Cocker Spaniels have been reduced to poodle-coated mops. Fox terriers are now so large they cannot go down a fox hole. Why do show ring rosettes so often lead to canine ruin?
To read more

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